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Plating Resources, Inc. offers laboratory analysis of hard chrome plating solutions. The results are promptly faxed back to you and recommendations are made for any additions or treatments that may be needed. This includes tracking of typical contaminant levels.

We fully understand the chrome process and will assist with any concerns or problems you may be having. Most commercial laboratories are not qualified for this as they do not understand chrome plating so errors and inadequate advice is common.

Analytical Procedure click here.

The following should be performed for each 200 amp. hours per gallon of bath volume. This equates to a 1,000 gallon bath operated at 5,000 amps. on a single shift for a 40 hour week, or 200,000 amp. hours of operation.

Basic Analysis: 1 / week (chrome & sulfate only)
Complete Analysis: 1 / month (all ingredients & contaminants)
Expanded Analysis: 1 / Year (all metals, organics & bath conductivity)

Most shops perform the basic analysis in- house. It is critical, however, to also test the trivalent, chloride, catalyst, iron, copper and insoluble levels on a regular monthly basis.

Special accuracy grade reagents and analytical procedures are available for companies that wish to do their own analysis.

Bath Sample Instructions

1. If needed, fill the tank to its normal operating volume with water. Be sure that the bath is thoroughly agitated and that any water addition is mixed in completely before taking the sample.
2. Using a 4oz. Nalgene plastic bottle, take a sample from at least three (3) points in the tank. No more than a 100 milliliter sample should be provided. If a larger bottle is used, pour off any additional quantity until only approx. 100 mls. remains This small sample size avoids the hazardous material disposal fees shown below that would otherwise be charged.
3. Let the sample cool, then tighten the cap, rinse the outside with water and wipe it dry, then seal the cap with vinyl tape. Write your company name and the tank number on the outside of the bottle with magic marker.
4. Fill out the information below and include this as a packing slip. Please make copies of this page for multiple samples and for future use.
5. Insert the sample bottle into a plastic bag and seal the bag so that it is waterproof. Pack this into a heavy duty cardboard box along with plastic peanuts for cushioning. Do not use paper.
6. Ship it, freight prepaid to: Plating Resources, Inc.
2845 West King St. - Unit 108
Cocoa , Florida , 32926
7. Follow all DOT shipping regulations.

Type in your information then print and attach to your bath sample.

Bath Type:
Tank No: Bath Gals:

Please provide an analysis as follows; check one below:
( )
( )
( )
( )
Dura Catalyst Only
Bath Conversion
Complete Analysis
Expanded Analysis

Type Cost Description
Dura Catalyst Only: N/C All customers are provided a no cost analysis of their Dura Additive level whenever they need it
Bath Conversions: ( varies ) A complete analysis prior to making bath changes. Invoiced at our standard rate; and 100% is credited on the first order when the recommended additives are purchased.
Complete Analysis: 320.00/sample Analysis of chromic acid, sulfate ratio, catalysts & additives, trivalent chrome, chloride, iron, copper and insoluble materials.
Expanded Analysis: 615.00/sample The above Complete Analysis, plus the electrical conductivity and all metallic & organic impurities.
Hazardous Disposal: ( varies ) No charge for samples less than 100 milliliters. A $50.00 fee is charged for samples up to 1 pint and this amount can vary up to $100.00 for gallon sizes.