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Dura Prep is a special powdered compound that is used for hand cleaning of parts just prior to Electroplating or Micro Tuff™ impregnation. Dura Prep is a unique blend of mild abrasives, detergents, activators, and surfactants that physically and chemically remove particles and debris. This assures a clean surface, so that maximum adhesion is obtained. Its use prevents pitting and nodulization caused by grinding-polishing debris being left on the part surface.

Dura Prep is also very helpful in removing fingerprints and stop-off residue just prior to plating and, in many cases, can replace liquid honing, vapor blasting, or glass beading operations. The use of Dura Prep is highly recommended, wherever possible, so that the optimum plating quality is obtained.

Dura Prep is also used as a cleaning agent for dies, tooling sets and similar components during use and prior to the re-application of Micro Tuff™ Polymer.

Dura Prep is applied by hand, as a slurry with water on a abrasive pad or rag. A swirling motion, both with and against the grain, should be used. Continue until the surface is clean of all water breaks.

The very fine abrasives in Dura Prep will not scratch polished surfaces of steel, stainless steel, and similar alloys. Use a lighter pressure for brass, copper, and other soft metals. A quality deposit requires that the surface be thoroughly cleaned prior to reverse etching.

During the manufacturing and machining processes, the parts pick up “fines” or microscopic metal slivers that adhere to the surface. Wiping the article with a clean white cloth will show the presence of such particles. During the reverse etch operation, these “fines” stand up from the surface and, once the part is plated, become a course of roughness and nodules. In many cases, subsequent grinding, honing or polishing of the surface will break off these chrome-plated “fines” and pitting of the surface will result.

The use of Dura Prep offers an easy method of removing such particles, as well as thoroughly cleaning the part and preparing the surface for a good quality deposit. Also, it is particularly helpful for heavy build-up type work.

Dura Prep is rinsed off the part with water. A separate tank may be used. The Dura Prep, being heavier than water, will sink to the bottom; it can be recovered and reused several times. Also, Dura Prep can be rinsed off in Polystrip-26, if a separate tank is not available. Its presence in the solution will not cause any difficulties.

If necessary, Dura Prep can be allowed to dry on a surface without any harm. Subsequent rinsing will easily remove the film.

This process uses industrial strength chemicals which must be handled carefully and in accordance with the directives provided in the individual MSDS forms. Read and understand the MSDS on all of these chemicals before handling or using. Ensure that all regulatory standards are followed and limit personal exposure as required for Cr(VI) and other chemicals by OSHA.

Avoid personal contact with these chemicals, avoid splashing and avoid breathing any fumes released during operation. Do not inhale any dust, mist or vapors from these chemicals. Do not allow these products to contact the skin or eyes. In case of contact, flush immediately with large amounts of fresh water and seek immediate medical attention. Wear protective clothing such as aprons, gloves, face masks and respirators. Be sure that adequate eyewashes and emergency showers are available nearby before handling or using any of these chemicals. Designated work clothing should be worn while using these chemicals and the worker(s) should thoroughly shower and change into fresh-clean street clothing before going home. Decontaminate all work clothing before reuse. The user is responsible for providing adequate work clothing, personal protection, limiting personal exposure and providing any required clean-up, decontamination as well as any needed medical attention.