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Plating Resources, Inc built its reputation by providing the latest technology and high quality plating bath additives, at extremely competitive prices. We develop and manufacture innovative “User Friendly” specialty chemicals that deliver superior performance. This is our expertise; we sincerely believe you will benefit from using our products way beyond their low cost.

Plating Resources, Inc. is the right size company to handle your specific needs. We are small enough to provide personalized service and, yet, large enough to give extensive backing and stability. You will find that our personnel are friendly, helpful and concerned about your operation.

Consider that Plating Resources, Inc. has grown through three generations of the “family” business. We have always reinvested our success back into the company to better serve your needs. We have endured and grown because you understand that we exist strictly from the purchases you make. You are our valued customer and we serve you proudly.

We will never sell inferior chemicals nor cut the quality of our products. Yet, we are able to maintain the lowest prices in the industry. This allows you to get the most performance from your plating bath at the lowest possible cost.

Consider that “Old School” processes are just that – old & outdated. Likewise, cheap chemicals are just that – cheap. You always get more value at Plating Resources, Inc.

We promise to maintain the level of excellence you expect from a technically based vendor. Our products are tested extensively and are manufactured under strict ISO control.

Plating Resources, Inc. means the latest in surface finishing technology with State-Of-The-Art specialty chemicals and low prices.

Thank you, we sincerely appreciate your valued business.

Plating Resources, Inc. has developed many innovations in plating systems including nearly 100 unique processes, numerous equipment components, and several techniques...now used worldwide. Plating Resources, Inc. means complete plating systems in your plant from an initial feasibility study through engineering, equipment design, installation, operator training, supplies, technical assistance and on-going laboratory support after your system is operational. Plating Resources , Inc. also provides specialized additives and expertise for chrome plating.

This exclusive service is backed by the leading and most experienced organization in the field. Plating Resources, Inc. is a results-oriented, quality-driven company.

Our products are shipped worldwide. In many cases these products are available in a concentrated form to reduce shipping costs.

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  Author of more than 100 technical bulletins, topics include virtually every aspect of electroplating and metal finishing sciences.

Qualifications And Background
A strong technical background in the sophisticated electroplating and metal finishing sciences, spanning 45 years. Specific skills for equipment design, chemical recovery, process engineering, quality control and operator training. Accomplishments include practical application of technology, equipment and process development, system Installation and industrial publications.

  Encore Registered Consultant
  Certified Electroplater-Finisher
  Certified Environmental Inspector
  International Union Surface Finishing

  American ElectroPlaters Society, Past President
  American Society for Metals
  Chromium Coalition
  Equipment Service Association
  Finishers Suppliers Association
  National Association of Metal Finishers
  World Electroless Nickel Society

  Over 45 years in the metal finishing and plating field.
  Worldwide design and installation of plating systems.
  Special Applications Instructor, Cleveland State University.
  Consulted with all major branches of The Armed Services.
  Electroplating shop management, specializing in critical parts for defense applications.
  Research and development laboratory operation.
  Practical application of electroplating technology.

1. Ninety seven (97) processes and chemical formulations. including: Durachrome™ chromium plating. Special activators and cleaners. Addition agents for brass, cadmium, copper, nickel, silver, tin and zinc plating. Surface treatments: anodizing, chromating, black oxide, electropolishing, phosphating, etc. Inhibitors, surfactants and fume control aids.
2. High frequency pulse plating applications, square and pseudo sine waveforms.
3. ZERO™ Discharge Recovery methods for 100% process chemical recovery.
4. Highly corrosion resistant chromium coatings.
5. Crackless and multi-phase hard chromium deposits.
6. Ventilation systems with recovery that exceeds discharge limits.
7. Special anode-fixture designs for plating to specifications.
8. Activation procedures for direct plating on difficult substrates.
9. High volume mass transfer electroplating for maximum uniformity.
10. Unique D.C. bussing systems that prevent transmission losses.
11. Tank and lining construction that resists corrosion.