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Consulting & Technical Assistance
Technical support and assistance is normally provided without cost. We provide hard chrome technology on a global basis and this service is available as the need arises. For more complex technical issues we offer consulting sessions by Phone, E-Mail, or if needed In-House visit by an expert that has over 45 years of experience (Fees apply). Here are some examples:

On-Site Consulting Operator Training
Plating Process Development Plating System Engineering
System Installation Supervision System Start-Up & Run-Off

Laboratory Services
Laboratory services include providing special procedures and reagents for your in-house testing as well as a routine back-up analysis service. We test for all bath ingredients, contamination levels and provide an outline for bath maintenance and improvement.

Clients that use our laboratory service, on a regular basis, find that their plating quality is much higher and their baths stay uncontaminated much longer; this service pays for itself.

Plating Systems
Plating Resources, Inc. provides plating system capabilities on a global basis. Innovative designs and the latest in practical technology are used in all equipment installations. This approach is used whether it is a manually operated line for small volumes or a large computer controlled automated facility for high volume continuous production.