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We provide hard chrome technology on a global basis. Technical support and assistance is available to our customers, frequently without cost. We also offer in-depth consulting services for more complex issues by phone, e-mail, or if needed with an on-site visit. Fees may apply for this depending upon the time required and the situation. This service is provided by an engineer with over 45 years of hard chrome expertise.

A Technology Database link is also available for our Dura customers. This contains a vast amount of detailed information that covers virtually all aspects of hard chrome plating, both the art and the science. This database is continually updated with new developments, some of the topics include:

Analysis & Bath Control Anode & Fixture Fabrication Bath Contaminants
Bath Purification Bath Make-Up & Maintenance Chrome on Chrome
Chrome Stains Crack Structures Deposit Properties
Double Ending Dull & Hazy Deposits Emissions Control
Environmental & health Equipment Design Heavy Deposits
High Speed Plating Horizontal Plating Hydraulic Rod Rebuilding
Impurity Control Metal Identification Nano-Composite Coatings
Pitting & Pit Prevention Process Cycles Reject Prevention
Repair Spots Reverse Etching & Activation Rinsing & Zero Discharge
Rough & Nodular Deposits Sharp Edges & Cutting Back Special Techniques
Spot Plating Stop-Off Techniques Stripping Chrome
Surface Finishing Thickness & Quality Checks Throwing Power & Coverage
Triple Plating Troubleshooting Zero Discharge

Contact Us if you are a Dura bath user and would like access to this Technical Database.