Decorative Chrome

Dura-2000 is special additive used for improving performance in decorative hex-chrome baths. The Dura-2000 is a special halogenated liquid concentrate that provides several process advantages. Dura-2000 is used with generic chromic acid; no proprietary blends to buy.

The process is very user friendly, easy to control and inexpensive to operate.

Following are the benefits of using the Dura-2000 bath over conventional or proprietary processes.

  • Maximum Throwing And Covering Power
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Hard Microcrack Structure
  • Plates On Difficult Substrates
  • Excellent Nickel Coverage
  • Best Deposit Brightness

Bath Control:
The Dura-2000 bath can operate with a chromic acid level of 20-50 oz/gal. Most operations control the chrome at 30 oz/gal. A sulfate ratio of 120:1 (100-150:1) is generally used with a bath temperature of 110 degrees F. Dura-76 is also be used in this process to chelate bath contaminants and improve throwing power. The following are the typical control points:

Item Optimum Range
Chromic Acid 30.0 oz/gal. 20-50
Sulfate 0.25 oz./gal.
Ratio 120:1 100-150
Dura-2000 3 % Vol. 2-5
Dura-76 2.5 oz/gal. 2.0-5.0
Trivalent Cr 1 % of Hex. 0.70-1.40
Metallic Contaminants < 5.0 g/l
Chloride < 20 ppm
Insolubles < 0.04 g/l
Temperature – F 110 90-120
Current Density 300 ASF 10-575 ASF

The initial addition of Dura-2000 is 3% of the bath volume and the Dura-76 is 2.5 oz/gallon.

Maintenance additions should be made as follows:

Item Per 100,000
Ampere Hours
Approx. Per 100 lbs. of Chrome
Dura 2000 0.5 gals. 2 gallons
Dura 76 2.5 lbs. 10 pounds

Also, send a bath sample to Plating Resources, Inc. on a monthly basis for a complete analysis.

This process uses industrial strength chemicals which must be handled carefully and in accordance with the directives provided in the individual SDS forms.

Read and understand the SDS on all of these chemicals before handling or using. Ensure that all regulatory standards are followed and limit personal exposure as required for Cr(VI) and other chemicals by OSHA.

Avoid personal contact with these chemicals, avoid splashing and avoid breathing any fumes released during operation. Do not inhale any dust, mist or vapors from these chemicals. Do not allow these products to contact the skin or eyes. In case of contact, flush immediately with large amounts of fresh water and seek immediate medical attention. Wear protective clothing such as aprons, gloves, face masks and respirators. Be sure that adequate eyewashes and emergency showers are available nearby before handling or using any of these chemicals. Designated work clothing should be worn while using these chemicals and the worker(s) should thoroughly shower and change into fresh-clean street clothing before going home. Decontaminate all work clothing before reuse. The user is responsible for providing adequate work clothing, personal protection, limiting personal exposure and providing any required clean-up, decontamination as well as any needed medical attention.