Our Mission

The mission of Plating Resources, Inc. is serving our valued customers and providing them with cost-effective chemicals, equipment and technical services.

We believe in advancing hard chrome technology and improving the efficiency of the process by providing high-efficiency bath chemicals, specialized plating equipment, laboratory services, technical support and operator training.

We promote the use of hexavalent chromium as an ECO-friendly and worker safe process when used with World-Class ventilation systems and Zero Discharge Technology.

The Plating Resources Team is ready to partner with your company and support your production.  We are committed to provide the most cost-effective and advanced technology to become your complete “Plating Resource!”

Being your “Plating Resource” since 1931

Plating Resources, Inc. is a family-owned business of four generations that has proudly served our customers for 90 years. We provide top-quality products/services, excellent customer service and exceptional attention towards the critical details that our customers require and have come to trust. Since 1931, all of our products and services have been delivered with customer requirements and success in mind.  Our utmost attention paid to quality, efficiency and integrity in every step of the process.

We take your trust and confidence in Plating Resources, Inc, very seriously. Understanding that our products and services are central to the accuracy of your plating process.  We are committed to meeting the requirements of your rigorous manufacturing and testing requirements.

Our Creed

We are motivated to assist, uphold and advance the hard chrome plating industry, by developing and providing the equipment, processes and support services needed while promoting the best process technology available.

We are Pro-American, freedom under the Constitution and unrestricted enterprise, while also supporting environmental sustainability, worker safety and production efficiency. We oppose those who repress these sacred principals.

Education is our strategy and integrity are our only means.