Operator Training

Technology transfer provides complete process control.

Proper training of operators and supervisory personnel is a vital part of establishing a new plating facility. Plating Resources, Inc. provides complete on-site training services needed to ensure a successful venture.

Operator Training is custom-tailored to client requirements, typically consisting of 20% classroom instruction and 80% hands-on, using your new equipment.

The training involves all topics critical to your operation, including:

  • Chemistry                •Maintenance
  • Control                     •Operation
  • Environment          •Procedure
  • Equipment              •Quality
  • Laboratory              •Safety

When selecting operating personnel, it is best to use those who do not have prior plating experience. Plating Resources, Inc. will provide the needed skills and knowledge required to operate and maintain a modern plating facility.

Operator training includes a transfer of technology to the client and is supplemented with detailed manuals specific to your operation.

Upon completion of the training, the operators can be tested (as an option) to verify their level of proficiency. This testing is in-depth and is drafted per your specific application. Those passing the exam become “Certified” as having the knowledge necessary for operation of the facility.